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Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants
Andy Race Fish Merchants

Andy Race Fish Merchants

15 The Harbour, Mallaig, Inverness-shire , PH41 4PX

Produce: All Types of Fresh Seafood, Smoked Fish, Shellfish,

Traditionally Smoked and Fresh Salmon, Haddock, Kippers, Mackerel, Langoustines, Mussels, Oysters caught in local waters by local fishermen……..from the most stunning location in north west Scotland.

Established in 1980 and based in the scenic west coast fishing port of Mallaig in the Scottish Highlands, Andy Race has specialised in Mail Order for 30 years. The village of Mallaig is situated at end of the beautiful ‘Road to the Isles’ made famous by its white, sandy beaches, clean waters, the ferry to the Isle of Skye and the ‘Harry Potter’ steam train.

Smoking fish the traditional way is very important to Andy and all his smoked produce is free of any added colour or preservatives, using a totally traditional process with only pure salt and smoke. This attention to detail has allowed him to create a range of fish products which are succulent and full of flavour - just as they should be - a wonderful taste of bygone days.

Andy’s peat smoked salmon is made from only the finest Scottish salmon which is dry salted and smoked for three days over peat and oak wood. The taste and texture is superb! It is not surprising that he supplies many top hotels and restaurants as the chefs consider this product to be amongst the best. He also produces delicious hot smoked salmon which is roasted during the smoking process, creating a succulent, beautifully flavoured, cooked product.

Andy’s kippers are also prepared in the traditional way using plump, fresh herring which are then split by hand, lightly brined and smoked for a full eighteen hours. The result is succulent flesh with golden skin and a wonderful flavour.

His mussels and oysters are farmed locally and his scallops are a special treat, as they are landed daily and then carefully shelled and cleaned. He never pumps them up with water and when cooked you can be rest assured that they will not shrink by half as some others do.

He sources his fresh fish direct from the boats fishing locally in the cool Atlantic waters, so his quality fish is processed and on its way to you within a couple of days of being caught. He never sources cheaper, aged fish from huge refrigerated boats which land catches from Icelandic and other distant waters.

This extra attention and care is all worthwhile because the quality of Andys fish, and the traditional smoking methods, result in really wonderful flavours and textures, acclaimed by many food critics.


Quality Award granted by the Sea Fish Industry Authority

Press Reviews:

Voted the best-smoked salmon by Marcus Wareing, Alan Holmes and Jay Rayner:

“ Wow! A massive smokey flavour with a big muscled texture that suggests the fish lived a happy life, some might find it overwhelming, but only of they have no taste. Terrific” - Observer Food Monthly

‘Andy Race's combination of peat and oak produces an artisan smoke that is well balanced and sweet. These elegant translucent slivers are a Sunday Telegraph favourite year after year’ - Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine

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