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Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup
Blossoms Syrup

Blossoms Syrup

April cottage , Beacons Bottom, Buckinghamshire , HP14 3XG

Produce: Natural Syrup.

We challenge you to find another syrup that can bring your cocktails to life like Blossoms syrup! All their syrups are made in Buckinghamshire, from the highest quality raw ingredients. Truly natural, they have no added aromas, preservatives or colours.

For all those budding cocktail makers or future chefs wishing to create the perfect desert, then it always helps to have that special syrup ingredient to give your culinary creation that extra special twist.

But before you reach for that run of the mill margarita mix, take a look at Blossoms Syrup, a unique super premium British syrup brand, 100% natural, suitable for vegans and available in 13 delicious flavours.

Blossoms syrup is unique because it is entirely natural and is the only non-heat treated produced syrup which offers explosive flavours.

Founder of Blossoms Syrup Aude Dupont uses only the best raw materials, meaning that she does not need to add colouring, aromas, and preservatives. All her syrups have an intense fruitiness, sweetness and natural acidity balance.

They are primarily designed with cocktail creation in mind and with a French twist, typified by a strong fruit burst to act as a counter-balance to the alcohol.  Unlike other syrups, Blossoms Syrup retains the characteristics of the real fruit and floral impact.

Blossoms syrup have made a big impression on mixologists, bartenders in restaurants, bars and hotels.

Not only are Blossoms syrups great in drinks, they are also fabulous drizzled on waffles, fruit salad, pancakes, ice cream, pavlova, meringues, yoghurt, porridge, rice pudding, smoothies, milkshakes etc...



2017 : Great Taste Award : 2 Stars

2016 : Great Taste Award : 2 Stars

2015 : Great Taste Award : 2 Stars

2014 : Great Taste Award : 1 Star

2013 : Great Taste Award : 2 Stars

2012 : Great Taste Award : 2 Stars



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