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The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery
The Old Curiosity Distillery

The Old Curiosity Distillery

32a Old Pentland Road, Midlothian, Edinburgh, EH10 7EA

Produce: Colour Changing Gin. Apothecary Rose Gin, Lemon Verbana Gin, Pink Elderflower & Jasmine Gin, Lavender & Echinacea Gin, RSPB Wild Gin, Geranium & Mallow Gin  

All the ingredients grown by Hamish without chemicals, harvested and dried by hand to make a unique gin that not only tastes of the original flower and is coloured by it, but naturally changes colour when mixed with tonic – it can only be explained by the magic of nature!

In 2012, Hamish & his wife Liberty bought a derelict plot of land outside Edinburgh, and in just a short time they have developed the most astonishing Herbal Garden. I would strongly encourage anyone with a love of nature and a love of gin to visit our Instagram page to watch their video.

What is so clear is Hamish’s love for growing these amazing medicinal plants and flowers from coriander, juniper, chamomile, angelica root, in fact 35 different types of plants go into this truly unique and natural gin.

A natural base gin is first made using the ‘bones’ of many plants including angelica root, coriander, winter savoury. The next stage produces a very clean floral flavour by using the fresh flowers or plants such as lavender, apothecary rose, echinacea. Finally, the natural spirit is infused on petals just as if they are making tea.

The colour of the plants and flower petals is intense, no chemicals or machinery is used in the growing, harvesting, drying and infusing process, everything is done by hand (even the bottling and labelling!)

Nobody is doing exactly what The Old Curiosity is doing, all parts of the process are carried out at the Secret Herb Garden. It is a beautiful place to grow all their natural botanicals which are actually also herbal medicines. The beauty and nature of the place are captured in each bottle, because the gin is naturally coloured by the petals.

Hamish’s gin isn’t just “floral infused” he takes it so much further through his many recipes from Geranium, Damask Rose, Chamomile, Apothecary Rose, Lavender, not just white gin but colourful gin that tastes of the fresh flowers. And the added bonus is that these ingredients are all used in herbal medicine.

And if all that is not enough……the original colour of the infused gin……the original flavour of the flower………when the mixer is poured over the iced gin, it changes colour……it turns Pink before your very eyes! (For Miranda fans – “Such Fun!”)

Old Curiosity Gin is about how amazing plants are naturally and that is what you taste when you experience Hamish’s truly unique gin.

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